How To Get Job

JobsWayIn is a job portal that connects both the job seekers as well as the job providers in a simple and intuitive way. 

From the main site, you can perform following actions easily: 

Search for jobs by skills, city, country or job title.
Register as a jobseeker or as a job provider.
Login to jobseeker or job provider portal.

If you are seeking or applying for a job, 
After registration you can perform following actions:

Search for jobs
Apply Online for the desired job
You may easily add/edit your profile information including qualification, experience, and skills.
You can also simply build your resume by using our CV builder functionality.
Upload your latest resume.

If you are  a job provider or looking for talented employees, 
After registration you can perform following actions:

You may quickly add/edit company’s profile
Post new job vacancies 
Edit / Deactivate posted jobs
You can also see the list of possible candidates/job seekers who have applied for the particular job 
Quickly search for job seekers or potential candidates
You can see and download the jobseeker’s resume
You can send private message to any job seeker